va: spice melange - compiled by antikriz - horrordelic

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va: spice melange - compiled by antikriz - horrordelic

Post by kriz » Thu Mar 30, 2017 11:47 am


Event page:

Reelase28 April 2017

New compilation in works @ Horrordelic.. Spice Melange features a large scope of the darkpsy movement, worldwide movemement of dark psychedelic music. Full lineup in works , behind the scenes, public coming soon !!

As the name of the VA, it is based in the Dune universe from Frank Herbert. Spice Melange (or just "the spice)" reffers to a naturally produced awareness spectrum narcotic only found on the planet Arrakis.

This is the second compile from Horrordelic Manager Antikriz. First availible still, VA: Weirding Modules: ... ng-modules

Artwork: Antikriz
Mastering: Coming Soon
Release Horrordelic 2017

More info coming soon !!

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