From his childhood Vlad was in love with robots. When in Russia first computers appeared small Vlad did everything in his child power to get it. Then to study it. He opened the box, he looked inside for those little gremlins who does all the work. He found none. But he also found out that he can do it himself. Computers understand simple language - programming. Natural language processing turned into writing music for computer games. Later, communication with electronic brains developed into more complex relationship with robots.. Vlad fell in love with musical production. All those hardware and synthesiser devices than can speak on a beautiful musical language! It only needs to be translated to everyone! And so, simple hobby of musical programming has grown into professional music production that resulted in 3 albums and many, many single tracks released on various record labels. Nowadays, more robots live in Vlad's apartment. We can be sure Vlad will continue to exhilarate us with his interpretation of robot's language.

Track 10 - Terror

Track 07 - Save Your Souls