Neutral Ethos


"Speaking about our project, we don't want to say something like "...we have met each other in the vast expanses of psychedelic space.." and so on.. We just decided to create some tracks together and immediately understood that this will be good. That is how our cooperation started. In our compositions, we try to make the atmosphere of psychedelic sounds. People who listen our music will feel all the differences of DARK sounds: fear, hesitation, joy, drive and what is more important - we make them feel the atmosphere of trance, which in our opinion is not enough in modern psy trance music.

Our project is a young one. Some things we turned out not exactly as we wanted, but we are developing and each new track is getting close to the ideal we have created for ourselves."

Neutral Ethos EP

Track 01 - High Sky

Bonus Track 01 - Ruffest

Track 10 - Dendy