Play your mix or tracks on Triplag webradio

If you have your own banging mix or your own killer tracks and would like to play it on - post link on the triplag forum:
dark psy
chill trip

- When encode to MP3 please use 128 kbps or higher rate [we transmit at 128];
- If you do not have a website please use any of free file sharing websites (search in google ;) or send us a demo info with download links using form bellow.

Play yor release on Triplag webradio

If you have psychedelic trance demo or promo material and would like to advertise it to the masses:

We are happy to offer our services to record labels who would like to promote CD release via Triplag broadcast.

What is required:
- 2 CDs for a conventional record label;
- best quality download music files for a Net label
- advertisement banner (optional)

What is included:
- 4-5 weeks 24/7 rotation of radiomix of the CD release on Triplag radio
- Information about CD release will be published on Triplag Webradio website and Triplag forum. All includes "Buy Now" links
- If advertisement banner is provided then we will rotate it across pages for 2-3 months
Advert banner specifications: dimensions: 468x60 px; Size: no more than 200 KB. JPG,GIF,PNG,SWF

Please send promo CDs to:

Triplag Webradio
10 Cashel avenue
Dublin 12

NOTE: We are not interested in fullon/commercial/mainstream trance - only in dark/forest/twisted/hard psychedelic music for night time

Booking & connections

If you like Triplag Music artists or DJs to play at your party or festival please get in contact with us using form bellow. We will do our best to connect you.

Triplag Music artists

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