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V.A. - Keep The Faith!

Artist: Various
Name: Keep The Faith!
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Date: 12th Sept 2007
Format: CD
Length: 74:08
4 panels Digi Pack with DJ insert

Compiled by: Vic Triplag
Mastered by: Tim Schuldt @ 4CN Studios
Artwork by: Sharyn Ashley
Art text by: Zero-Blade
Distributed by: SaikoSounds

01. Fungus Funk - Lets Rock!
02. Hishiryo vs Gidra - Sickpeople
03. Olien - Infinitek
04. Zerohour - Progression To Agression
05. wi']['ch - Aliens Don'T Smoke
06. Far East Ghost - Model 19
07. C.P.C - Save Your Souls
08. T.A.S. - Cubes
09. Neo Vox - The Arsonist
10. Sectio Aurea - Snake Club

01. W&P Sergei Prilepa (Russia)
    — (08:02 min - 145 bpm)
02. W&P Cyril "Shenz" Pin (France) & Thomas Aquino Lobo (India)
    — (06:55 min - 150 bpm)
03. W&P Oliver Bach (Germany)
    — (06:34 min - 152 bpm)
04. W&P Georgi Yuriev Dunkov (Bulgaria)
    — (05:47 min - 152 bpm)
05. W&P wi']['ch (Germany)
    — (07:20 min - 150 bpm)
06. W&P Takeomi Matsuura (Japan)
    — (06:47 min - 152 bpm)
07. W&P Vladislav Radostavin (Russia)
    — (08:06 min - 152 bpm)
08. W&P Jonas Hellqvist (Sweden)
    — (07:39 min - 154 bpm)
09. W&P Felipe Gomes Pereira (Brazil)
    — (07:56 min - 153 bpm)
10. W&P Faverio Christian & Marina Sostaric (Switzerland)
    — (09:12 min - 156 bpm)


Triplag Music is a record label oriented to releasing full power night time psychedelic trance music. Created in June 2007 on a base of successful Triplag webradio and Net label we continue our quest on promoting and nourishing dark psychedelic sounds for our ever growing community. Our aim is to bring new fresh sounds from upcoming and well established artists. We celebrate our birth with a release of the compilation Keep The Faith! to say thank you to all our supporters over past years, who kept faith in Triplag, music family and our scene!

In this compilation we bring you awesome new tracks from undisputed leaders of the genre together with new coming names. They created 10 high voltage tracks for pure dance pleasure. This is not for listening and smoking, this music is to shake your mind and body and stomp out all the doubts and hesitations. Join us on a journey of faith and experience joy of dark psychedelic dance that will left you with desire for more!

...and more is coming!