V/A The Void : Conundrum Concoction (DarkPrisma) Downtempo

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The beat is born
The beat is born
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V/A The Void : Conundrum Concoction (DarkPrisma) Downtempo

Post by Nidopsog » Sat May 05, 2012 10:19 am


Reintegrating the void series has turned out to be more psychedelic than could have ever been imagined. To the furthest dimensions of sanity, just on the edge between dark forests and bordering grey&spooky concrete jungles, dear Dark Prisma aliens replenish us with yet another strongly soul, mind and body invigorative elixir. Presented in the form of ten single ingredients, so masterfully selected, well perceived and finely contemplated in content, this syrup has been carefully crafted by tremendously gifted artists. Each on their own very much talented downtempo side telling a single story projected into 3 fragments, stories of the unconscious&untold, sonic tales of invisibility and unsanity, fear and love, dark and light. Let’s start off by reading the contents. First of all, the List of Ingredients constitutes a mixture of exotic substances added originally by all the artists who took part cooking this up for us – NICOLAS ‘Filtro’ Di BERNARDO *** (PRISMA/MEGALOPSY) *** KIM ‘MOLOKOW’ BERNHAMMAR *** JENS ERIKSSON and OLA ERIKSSON *** (DERANGO) ***


This super paraliminal hypnotic tape is indeed the natural and most reasonable way for us to get a grasp at & tune into a world where magic is visible and even perhaps happens ordinarily. Let’s take a sip from this potion, close our I’s & eyes for a while and get comfortable as even checking the ‘best be4’ date of this one is completely unnecessary*it is infinite*. One is sailing very quickly onto a river of consciousness, carried by a warm stream of multidimensional bliss. Loving the sudden shift at the 7th min of the 1st fragment, all sorts of various synchronizing atmospheres – rain/water drops, winds&fire sound like elements combined altogether … like taking a tour around nature and all its various environments. Time to take a fresh breathe and sonic walk finally! Quite a melodical journey! And as the sea refuses no river, we r slowly flowing through its current and safely finding our direction very soon into the 2nd chapter. Prisma on Ooze brings forth an enchanting arsenal of musical elements that r interweaving quite smoothly by the end of the contents’ part, although overall Prisma dubs are entirely brainwave & meditative friendly, bringing quite peaceful and completely harmonious frequencies. I love the bell ringing melodies throughout fragments, reggae like beat influences at certain bits, a lot of beautiful soundscapes drawn by the 3rd fragment, even though haunting and gloomy at certain bits - I reckon that On Ooze is in a way a pretty much extraordinary collaboration to finalize this introductory page. This actually brings ½ of PANDORA’s BOX to add an enhanced pinch of psychedelic by Luciano Losiggio – sounds of nature all over in that space. One of the most organic and peaceful forms of psybient trance music I’ve ever heard getting released! Somehow it reminds me a lot of Androcell, Asura, Argot Digamma or even Ott’s atmospheres! It’s a real amazingly peaceful music voyage from 6:20 of fragment 3 onwards till its very end!

*** directions *** MOLOKOW

Look before you leap, as the saying goes, because the music that is layered and built upon the Direction’s chapter of this psychonauts’ guide enters entirely deep&uncharted forest territories. Here it is Molokow’s turn who is taking the lead straight into a Hell’s island. A rather virgin one I reckon though – one would normally expect pretty much more obscure and gloomy patterns than this & the 1st three fragments. Eventually, this Hell’s island still seems like a bright place 2 me, the sound atmospheres here range from rather mystical to hypnotic instead of dark or bizarre, as the track title suggests. Quite playful vibes overall in here,swirling and spinning around perhaps even ceremonially at times, tactful earcushions, sound percussive elements and drum kicks all the way throughout the Hell’s island in direction to anywhere the Climate fits! Around the 5th min there’s quite a glosolaliac sensation to listen to accompanied by tripping out speech like fragments of a language yet unknown, which as well appears to try to keep speaking in tongues throughout the 2nd fragment…Molokow’s series turn out to be quite psyritualistic and rich in textures!!! Very lucid !

*** precautions *** DERANGO

Next comes DERANGO , whose sound has a very fluid flow, or almost sort of liquid sensation attouched to it. In my opinion, all the three tales are uncompromisingly crystal clear production that is interrelated. Subliminal getting visibe after the first sonic story from 2nd min on (but of course its invisible:) . As unsane tale settles, next one to unfold epic mind efflorescence and consciousness awakening onwards, this seems to me as one of the most organistic and intelligent psychedelic music released recently. There is just so much to this music that I would have to listen to it yet again probably over couple times more before being barely able to describe better all about the harmonious sound elements and styles precisely blended together in such a symphony. Oak’s tale is a lullaby to dive right in about the very beginning … we r getting one with the oak’s roots as it tale unfolds, passing a range of artmospheric cycles, developing relentlessly into vastly abstract&beautiful sonicscapes!

CONCLUSION: First and foremost, taking a look at the CD as a final product, its beautifully designed cover art made by Diego Valle @ Boogiemanmedia is the most EYE-catching part logically. Green and organic style all the way – I believe this name is of the same guy that’s behind the Blueprints VA cover art,which is a former series of Dark Prisma presentations and is aslo pretty beautifully printed. Glad to see this cooperation keeps going!!! Lovely cover art! Also, last but certainly not least, completely crystal clear production which I believe has a lot to do with master Lalith Rao a.k.a Sonik Scizzor @ Echo Vortex studios doing some necessary cuts and bendings here and there. With respect to the sound engineers, going from the subatomic particles that make up the universe and all of its living creatures to the stars,planets & galaxies, which are also in turn comprised of atoms themselves, in search of light waves this release tends to explore the natural, the mystic and the psylosophical realms! What this represents is a great step forward in the discovery of those uncharted corners of consciousness that are giving rise to imagination & love rather than fear or ignorance, light rather than dark, to a conscious awakening and bliss instead fully conscious ignorance. Perhaps it is noteworthy mentioning here that DERANGO and MOLOKOW are part of the same forest-based project known as Hallucinogenic Horses, whose album is due quite soon by the way. It is beyond the shadow of any doubt that this sparkling beverage contains in itself the true evolution of the conceptual sound formats of psychedelic music, electronic styles breaching in general and goes beyond the limits of what’s possible musically and what music really is about – to give a flight to imagination and wings to our bodies to dance!!! It is my absolute pleasure and honor to be able to provide You, the curious reader, with a review on this incredible piece of art! I would sincerely recommend this VA to first and foremost to all psy ambient/chillout/idm/downtempo/dub connoisseurs and as well to all the forest psy trance lovers, especially!

http://www.arabesquedistribution.com/in ... d=99999999
http://www.saikosounds.com/english/disp ... sp?id=9043
http://www.beatspace.com/6818/Dark+Pris ... etail.aspx
http://www.goastore.ch/compilation-conu ... ction.html

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