tith - galactic gathering @turkey 2017 hitech

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The beat is born
The beat is born
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tith - galactic gathering @turkey 2017 hitech

Post by tith » Sat May 26, 2018 10:15 pm

I forgot this one

1.Voidscream - City of Traitors (Sacred Macabre Crew)
2.Yatzee & Grainural Material - You Are Mad Or What (Zeakon Records)
3.Pupsidelic - Rabies (Badgers Records)
4.Terror Terrapy - Do Re Mi Ti Ra Mi Su (Wachuma Records)
5.Apollyon - Dulce Bass (Freak Records)
6.Apollyon - YSIM (Freak Records)
7. HyperAdmin vs Kopophobia - The Magic Mysterious Bug of Death (Noom Records)
8.Selective Mood - Ultra Spiritual (Damaru Records)
9. Mindelve - Grahana (Sonic Tantra Records & Australiacs Records)
10.Antagon - Wage slavery (Voodoo Hoodoo records / Quantum Digits records)
11. Holy Manullu - Alkali Lake (Voodoo Hoodoo records / Quantum Digits records)
12. Selective Mood & Nocturnes Creatures - Colourless (Damaru Records)
13. Koktavy - Spiritualizer (Ovni Records)
14.Nocturnes Creatures & Selective Mood - Bleeding Edge (Damaru Records)
15.Apollyon - Multiverse (Freak Records)

https://www.mixcloud.com/tith/galactic- ... rkey-2017/

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