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KZ (Fukoka, Japan)
KZ - Keiji (KeiZi) Fujino (Japan) was born and grew up in KOKURA - a well-known darkest city in Japan. In 2005 after travelling to India and inspired by GOA he started DJing. Still based in KOKURA KZ was playing at many parties around the city and Japan. Then, he was awoken by DMT and music production had began.
Starting as track-maker for "SPEED DEMON" project, he is developing production skills while gaining lots of experiences by doing many live performances.
Since 2008, Keiji starts pursuing his own KZ ( world by working solo. KZ is an official Artist for Triplag Music and Rockdenashi Productionz.
KZ tracks were released on few various compilations that received a high level of international recognition.
In the of 2010 KZ has released a split album Z-Effect with Zero-Blade on Triplag Music.
His sounds a continuing process of trial and experiment that makes us feel sorrowful which is presented by Japanese *OTO-ZAMURAI. He is one of the most promising artists in darkpsy scene in Japan.

Track 03 - Tripleks (XXX)

Track 04 - P.F.F.