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Somarobotics (Zug, Switzerland)
Somarobotics is the psychedelic trance project of Jorge Romero originaly from Caracas, Venezuela and now living in Zug, Switzerland.

The project started out as a dark ambient experimental live PA project, performing in the chill out areas of outdoor events in Venezuela since 2003. He began producing psychedelic trance as an evolution of the initial project, with the intention of creating a different sound within the style and providing audiences with a live performance through rhythm patterns improvisations and live knob tweakings.

His current work is often described as a journey of dark passages and powerful trance mayhem. The current sound combines heavy rhythmic compositions, driving bass, progressive leads and dark atmospheres to create a unique energy experience in the dance floor. He incorporates part of his minimal techno productions into psychedelic trance, therefore obtaining an overall differentiated sound. Somarobotics live act consists of constant sound manipulation through software and hardware, executing a very different set in each performance, which variations are based on the audience mood and the type of venue.

Track 02 - Autana

Track 09 - vs. Spiralz - Riot Pleasure

Track 04 - Constitutional Rape

Track 07 - Magnetic Shield Octupus

Track 05 - Poema Negro