Waater (Seattle, WA–USA)

Waater (Shepherd Grei) has been renowned for his talents as a DJ in down-tempo, mid-drifts, and psychedelic trance since 1999. Waater also works as an event organizer hosting special events such as Earthdance, Occupy the Dream, and Flight of the Dragonfly and many more throughout the Pacific Northwest, living in Seattle, WA.

"I believe we as humans are okay to be different and there is no rule–brick for who we are. Through music, we reflect to transpire to a greater place of self worth so we may evolve to a higher understanding. We share what we have to offer the world by moving as one while embracing our tribal nature."

In Waater’s musical career, he has inspired some of the world’s leading electronic music talent and in its wake, raised awareness utilizing arts and entertainment to some of our world’s foremost political issues.

He inspires change through music, artistic spaces, and theme based events. As a performer, Waater’s track selection is impeccable on a dance-floor with it’s unique liquid–like creating a vivid landscape for the mind, body, and soul.

Compiled by DJ Waater

Compiled by DJ Waater