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Far East Ghost - Emperor

Artist: Far East Ghost
Name: Emperor
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Date: 22 May 2009
Format: 2xCD
Length: 127:17
6 panels Digi Pack with DJ insert

All tracks written, produced & mastered by Takeomi Matsuura at Heaven+Hell Studio, Japan
Artwork by JUNKroid+designs
Distributed by SaikoSounds
Executive producer: Vic Triplag

1. Call of thunder (08:18 min - 146 bpm)
2. Saturation (08:35 min - 148 bpm)
3. Rebellion (07:37 min - 150 bpm)
4. Empire (07:43 min - 153 bpm)
5. Emperor (07:17 min - 156 bpm)
6. Revolt (06:49 min - 159 bpm)
7. Transition (07:07 min - 164 bpm)
8. Resurrection (07:46 min - 172 bpm)
9. Destruction (05:12 min - ??? bpm)

1.Far East Ghost - Return of the basterd (07:45 min - 158 bpm)

2.Return of the basterd (Savage Scream RMX) (08:17 min)
Remixed by Mizuki Nishihata at Savage studio, Japan

3.Return of the basterd (Fatal Discord RMX (08:01 min)
Remixed by Masayoshi Suzuki @ Kamitukai studio, Japan

4.Return of the basterd (Baphomet Engine RMX) (08:02 min)
Remixed by Luiz Fernando Secchinatto @ Psyhamaa lab[Baphomet base02], Brazil

5.Return of the basterd (Datakult RMX) (06:42 min)
Remixed by Remixed by Raphael Befort at Datakult Studio, France

6.Return of the basterd (Adi RMX) (07:38 min)
Remixed by Adi at the 333, India

Bonus Tracks
7. Rebellion (Instrumental ver.) (07:38 min - 150 bpm)
8. Revolt (Instrumental ver.) (06:50 min - 159 bpm)


The long awaited second album from Far East Ghost from Triplag Music is a two-disc album containing 15(+2 bonus) tracks. The first disc -- titled Emperor -- is a conceptual album unleashing 9 never-before-heard solo tracks based on the motifs of the spiritual empire and emperor that resides within the mental realm each individual. All vocals, guitars, drums, bass, and other instruments, along with production and mastering are done completely by Takeomi himself without any compromise, enabling the listener to enjoy the complete package brought forth from the Far East Ghost Empire.

The second disc, called Return of the Bastard, is a remix extravaganza of the original Far East Ghost track with the same name - featuring Far East Ghost's esteemed conspirators, Savage Scream, Fatal Discord, Baphomet Engine, Datakult, and Adi. To simply call this a bonus disc would be an injustice - check out how Far East Ghost's fast and heavy metallic sound is chopped, diced, and prepared by these master chefs.