Khorshid - Voyage Into You

Artist: Khorshid
Name: Voyage Into You
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Date: 1st May 2015
Format: Digital
Length: 1:37:29

All tracks written and produced by Shahin Hooshyar
Mastered by: Dark Room Mastering
Art work by: Zero-Blade

1. Baraye pedaram 170bpm
3. Fly me to the moon 200bpm
4. In this moment 200bpm
5. Seventh mansion 200bpm
6. The forgotten 200bpm
7. On holy ground 200bpm
8. Az tooh 200bpm
9. Unwired 200bpm
10. Sacred contracts 200bpm
11. Magician 200bpm
12. Fereshteh 200bpm
13. Voices of the mystics 200bpm
14. Bandar 200bpm
15. The selected 200bpm
16. Voyage into you 180bpm
17. Aura 180bpm


Khorshid is back with a full digital album release Voyage Into You

17th tracks with dark and fast music from talented Persian musician based in Denmark
Littlie bio notes about the artist:
At a very early age he was playing the keyboard and experimenting with synthesizers, trying to find himself through the music. With a musical background of over 18 years he brings us mind bending audio which transforms your soul and enhances your spirit. Drawing influences from life itself and various artists around the globe he takes you through landscapes of deep cinematic sounds, dark atmospheres to razor sharp leads. Very potent and powerfull psychedelic dance music!