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V.A. - Lunar Prophecy

Artist: Various
Name: Lunar Prophecy
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Date: December 2009
Format: CD
Length: 74:16
4 panels Digi Pack with DJ insert

01. Psychoson - Tales of Nature (150 bpm)
02. MorbidSource - K2 is on the way (152 bpm)
03. Psychoson - Afra (149 bpm)
04. Kz - P.F.F. (147 bpm)
05. MorbidSource - Try Before Buy (152 bpm)
06. Fatal Discord - Cursed Bambi (152 bpm)
07. Far East Ghost vs. Rawar - Lunar Prophecy (152 bpm)
08. Khaos Sektor - Rise of the Lycans (153 bpm)
09. Datakult vs. Far East Ghost - Criminal (152 bpm)
10. Zero-Blade - The Detronation of Your God (155 bpm)

01. W&P by Giannis Psychogios
02. W&P by Michael Bikow & Herbert Thaler
03. W&P by Giannis Psychogios
04. W&P by Keiji Fujino
05. W&P by Michael Bikow & Herbert Thaler
06. W&P by Masayoshi Suzuki
07. W&P by Takeomi Matsuura & Helder Amaral
08. W&P by Carlos Miguel Faustino Muchagata
09. W&P by Raphael Befort & Takeomi Matsuura
10. W&P by Kristiyan Karev


Triplag Music is happy to present its 10th jubilee release by 9 artists with 10 stories that shall be known from this day forward as Lunar Prophecy.

The story begins with a sound from our newest members Psychoson (Greece) , Morbid Source(Austria) and KZ (Japan). Tales of Nature and Afra by Psychoson, spiced up by K2 Is On The Way and Try Before Buy by Morbid Source, who is making an international debut, set out an opening mood of the compilation taking you on the journey of Lunar Prophecy. KZ is who we will predict is a new rising star on Japanese darkpsy scene, put together a story called P.F.F. This gives you some hint that this prophecy will not be an easy ride. At the mid point of the compilation is a Cursed Bambi story. This is a symbolic, two-halves and dance floor filling track from a diverse & talented Japanese project Fatal Discord.

Now we are entering into the climax of the Lunar Prophecy with track bearing same name by long established members of Triplag Music label Far East Ghost and Rawar. Build up of the climax followed by another debut on Triplag Music - Khaos Sektor with Rise of the Lycans track. Intensity of the climax breaks into Criminal mayhem professionally controlled and manipulated by the masters of the genre Datakult and Far East Ghost. Final story of Lunar Prophecy is presented by another Triplag Music member Zero-Blade with The Detronation of Your God. This is a twisted conclusion story with signature Zero-Blade sound and full lunar eclipse inside.

Time will tell if our Lunar Prophecy come true.