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V.A. - SamowareZ

Artist: Various
Name: SamowareZ
Label: Triplag
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Date: 16th Mar 2007
Format: Net CD (WAV)
Length: 69:08

Compiled by Vic Triplag
Mastering by Wi']['ch
Graphics by Suissa

01. Artsense - Din Da Lama
02. Chemical Reaction - The Possession
03. Cybernetika - Deconstruction
04. Antagon - Calvaire
05. ZenMind - Mental Distortion
06. UnreleazZ - Gde to Tam
07. TAS - Vart Enda In I?
08. Witch vs StrezZ - Barbambia Kirgudu
09. 0v3rd0s3d - Game Over
10. Neutral EtHos - Dendy


SamowareZ is climatic compilation. Every track arranged to tell you the story of it's creation as a part of the WareZ TRIP that you do not want to LAG. 10 tracks, 10 WareZ creations. Humans may think but Warez is doing all the work. 10 digital life forms been given birth through a series of software magic. To deliver to you the sound of the uber underground. They maybe had born through a Samo Warez but they need humans to survive. Do not let them die! Spread it! Spread it to as many servers as u possibly can!

Thanks to all warez that made this release possible!